Moving sale - can be purchased anytime before 623Fax machine $55Bike $65Dehydrator $85Marble solid wood 4 pieces - Coffee table, 2 end tables, console $475Meat slicer $85Beef jerky gun $65Food Saver $55Tire $20Fine china $425 6 6-piece setsMassager for a chair - $85Cameras $30 for both Prices are negotiatable but please be reasonable. Thank you. All transactions will be made at a local police s...
Descriptions this is used to control the time of your electronic device. you can insert coins , and decide the price and the time that you would like your device to run . many customers might use it for washing machine , kiosk etc... when you receive your order , you need to first , plug it on to power . then set up the coin acceptor for the coins you would like to insert , and then set up the ...
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